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wanted to experiment with the watercolor tut I reblogged, ended up experimenting on an AT with 0148929 www~


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just an accident, right? fufufu


Yamazaki Sosuke (*´∀`*).


I got tired of looking up clothing references. ^ q ^ Maybe I’ll draw more of the meme another day~


I just known that ps can create animation OTL


Linearted something I doodled last night~


okay but hear me out

mad max au

everyone gets shitty hair cuts and wears 100% more leather and football gear


if y’all never associated abs to dinner rolls before…well now you will. ( ◐ω◐ );;


Beware of NSFW picture! I’m not censoring anything!! LOL

I was a bit confused deciding whether this is going to be AoKaga or KagaAo and ask you guys about it. It happen that most of you prefer AoKaga. But when I asked Bexara to make a fic out of this, and let her decided their position, she wrote me a KagaAo fic. Which is SO HOT! Read it HERE!

Well, you can interpret this pic however you wish, though. XDD

Anyway, this is how I reacted when I draw Aomine’s dick. Hahaha…


drawn based on this fanart of 269Q by killmeheichou

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